When a show like "Gilmore Girls" stays on the air for seven seasons, it's more than likely to attract several dozen guest stars and recurring characters who tend to come and go over the years.

These characters are usually just one-offs, who you forget the second they leave, but what's really trippy is when these actors go on to become totally famous for another role. Seeing big name stars like Jon Hamm or Seth MacFarlane playing 'awkward guy #2' is beyond bizarre.

We sifted through the no-names and insignificant extras to find some very familiar faces who guest starred on "Gilmore Girls" before they became fabulous and famous.

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Rami Malek

rami malek keiko agena gilmore girls wb Gilmore Girls guest stars: Before they were famous

Before he was hacking his way through the cyber-verse on "Mr. Robot," Rami Malek was a socially awkward Christian kid at Lane's Seventh-day Adventist college during Season 4.

Masi Oka

"Heroes" might have made Hiro Nakamura's face instantly recognizable, but before he was saving the world -- with another "Gilmore Girls" vet Milo Ventimiglia -- Masi Oka was some random college kid at Harvard whose class Rory illegally audits during Season 2.

Max Greenfield

max greenfield gilmore girls

Schmidt may be a fan-favorite character on "New Girl" these days, but back in 2003 (Season 4), he was a barely-there friend of Dean's (Jared Padalecki) at the drunken bachelor party at Luke's. Weirdly enough, his name was also Luke.

Billy Burke

When Lorelai met a cute, funny, coffeeshop owner in Season 3, it seemed like she might have finally met her perfect match. Sadly, "Twilight's" favorite dad barely got three episodes out of "Gilmore Girls" before Lorelai dumped him.

Krysten Ritter

krysten ritter alexis bledel Michelle Ongkingco gilmore girls

Before she was Marvel's newest Netflix sensation, Krysten Ritter was Rory's (Alexis Bledel) college BFF, Lucy, during Season 7 of "Gilmore Girls." Her strange pseudo-love-triangle plot with Marty (Wayne Wilcox) and Rory was definitely one of the weaker elements of a weak season, but we still love her nonetheless.

Seth MacFarlane

When he wasn't being the brain behind "Family Guy," Seth MacFarlane was acting, making small guest appearance here and there on primetime TV. His quick cameo as the annoying boyfriend at Lorelai's business school graduation in Season 2 just doesn't seem complete without a giggity gigity goo thrown in.

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch became instantly recognizable after all her years on "Glee," and she even hosted the People's Choice Awards in 2016. She started out with not-so-high-profile roles though, snagging a tiny part as an annoyed nurse in the very first season of "Gilmore Girls."

Adam Brody

adam brody gilmore girls

The beloved Dave Rygalski will always -- in our opinion -- be Lane's (Keiko Agena) one true love. If only Adam Brody hadn't scored a job on The O.C and skyrocketed to stardom, he might have hung around Stars Hollow a little longer past Season 3. We're still holding out hope that Dave will be part of the revival.

Mary Lynn Rajskub

After moving to Los Angeles to catch terrorists on "24," Mary Lunn Rajskub made a few incredibly odd appearances in Stars Hollow. First as Kirk's short film partner in Season 2 and then as an aspiring town troubadour.

Danny Pudi

Abed might be a beloved "Community" character nowadays, but back in 2006, Danny Pudi was at a much more prestigious college. He only made a few appearances during Season 7 at the Yale Daily News with Rory, but Pudi still sticks out like a sore thumb whenever you re-watch "Gilmore Girls."

Jon Hamm

jon hamm lauren graham gilmore girls

Perhaps the most shocking of "Gilmore Girls" cameos is this one by Jon Hamm. Years before he was making waves with "Mad Men," he was guest starring as Lorelai's cute but very boring date. The two meet at an auction and hit it off in Season 3, but sadly, Hamm is never seen again.

Nick Offerman

That's right, Ron Swanson himself was a recurring character (Seasons 4 & 6) on "Gilmore Girls" back in the day. He played Jackson's (Jackson Douglas) whiner of a cousin Bo, who also had an oddly perverted thing for Lorelai.

Brandon Routh

Before he was zooming through the skies (and multiple timelines) on "Legends of Tomorrow," Brandon Routh had kind of a skeezy role on Season 1 of "Gilmore Girls." When Rory and her friends attend a Bangles concert, Routh plays the charming older guy who lures Madeline (Shelly Col) and Louise (Teal Redmann) away to his apartment.

Chad Michael Murray

chad michael murray alexis bledel gilmore girls

Oh Tristan Dugray, we wish we'd seen more of you. Chad Michael Murray played a Chilton bad boy before "One Tree Hill" scooped him up to headline their show. His turbulent and teasing -- and occasionally flirtatious -- relationship with Rory was put to an end when Murray abruptly left the show after Season 2. #TeamTristan

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