Matt Cuzchry has some adorable ideas about what the last four words could have been for Netflix's "Gilmore Girls" revival.

We'd never considered that the last four words could have been spoken by anyone other than Rory (Alexis Bledel) or Lorelai (Lauren Graham), but Matt Czuchry has us wondering if we wouldn't have preferred his version of events. According to Czuchry, his pick for the last four words would have been, "Rory, I love you."

Be still our Rory/Logan loving hearts!

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On the other hand, he didn't specify Logan would be the one saying those words, which leaves the door open for a few even cuter possibility. Lorelai or Emily (Kelly Bishop) professing their love for Rory would have been a fitting ending for the series too, and we know there are more than a few fans who would have liked Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) to finally say those words to his long lost love.

Ultimately though, we would have liked to see Logan show up at the last minute to be with Rory, no matter how cheesy that would have been. Give that Rory is pregnant with a baby that is most likely Logan's, we're going to be stewing over that cliffhanger -- and the lost opportunity of seeing Logan's face when he realizes he's going to be a daddy -- for a while.

Maybe in another ten years, Czuchry, Bledel and all of our other favorite characters will take another swing at a revival.

"Gilmore Girls" is available for streaming on Netflix.

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