lauren graham alexis bledel gilmore girls Screener Quiz: Are you a Gilmore Girl or a Chilton dropout?

If you couldn’t tell, “Gilmore Girls” fans are pretty excited for Netflix’s revival of their favorite show.

Ever since the news broke that the revival series was a go, “Gilmore” fans have been brushing up on their pop culture references, studying old episodes, and pulling out some of their early 2000s fashion from the back of their closets.

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The first episode’s premiere is still a long time off. To make the waiting go faster, here are some of the greatest (and hardest to remember) “Gilmore” trivia facts from the original series.

How many boyfriends did Lorelai (Lauren Graham) have before finally settling down with Luke? How old was Rory (Alexis Bledel) when she broke her arm? What were Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard’s (Edward Herrmann) last words in the series finale?

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Get ready to bring your A game to this trivia quiz, super fans!

Test your knowledge and find out if you’re a real Gilmore Girl or not.

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