The "Gilmore Girls" revival is finally here, and we're sure you're powering through all four episodes to get to those elusive last four words.

Patience is a virtue though, so let's take some time to reflect on the first installment in this four-part series, "Winter."

While it started off a little bumpy (with a self-aware nod to how long it's been since these fast-talking girls were together), "Winter" fell into the swing of things pretty nicely. Before we knew it, the girls were back in full-on Gilmore mode, and not even the odd sight of Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) in jeans could slow the pace down.

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But where Rory's (Alexis Bledel) love life is concerned, we're a little worried.

Fans of Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rory are no doubt still eagerly awaiting the moment their favorite couple is reunited on screen, but those of you who are #TeamLogan were treated to a pretty swoon-worthy scene between Rory and her ex-almost-fiancé. Don't start popping the champagne just yet, though...

Putting aside the fact that Rory is apparently cheating on her boyfriend of two years with Logan (Matt Czuchry), we're sensing this little tryst of theirs is bad news for their future.

The "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" arrangement is pretty much exactly how their relationship started out at Yale. Logan, unwilling or unable to commit to a real girlfriend, opted to keep things casual. That kind of no-strings-attached fun is excusable in college, but it's certainly not the thing dreams are made of in your 30's. The fact that these two are still stuck in that same cycle ten years later does not bode well for their future.

We'd hoped that if Logan and Rory ever got together again, it would be with a whole lot of time, distance and maturity separating their present from their past. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case... So now, all our hopes are hung on Jess and Rory reuniting in true romantic fashion.

Otherwise, that girl should probably remain single and take a long, hard look at her life choices -- both professionally and romantically -- because this revival is not off to a great start where Rory is concerned.

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Lorelai (Lauren Graham), however, seems to be perfectly content with her little life -- if you disregard one small snafu at Richard's wake.

As always, Lorelai and Emily are not seeing eye to eye -- this time in regards to their respective grieving processes -- but their latest disagreement has spawned a pretty huge realization for Lorelai. She and Luke have been together -- presumably since Season 7 ended with their reconciliation -- but they seem to be in stuck in the same situation they were in when the original series left off.

Together, but not engaged. In limbo, as it were.

Emily pretty aptly described Luke as Lorelai's roommate rather than her life partner, which of course led to a discussion about kids and whether or not Lorelai made a unilateral decision against having another kid or not.

While the surrogacy subplot with Paris (Liza Weil) was hilarious and bizarrely perfect -- not counting the part where she and Doyle are getting a divorce -- it's a bit of an odd jump for Luke and Lorelai to take. Sure, Lorelai is closer to 50 than 40, so surrogacy would probably be the smartest and safest route, but she kind of dove headfirst into a pretty huge life choice.

Given that she's still mourning Richard (Edward Herrmann), maybe she should hold off on the decision to have another kid.

That's one episode down and three to go -- so get back to the binge, Gilmore fans!

"Gilmore Girls" is available for streaming on Netflix.

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