allison williams girls red carpet 325 'Girls' Allison Williams thankful dad Brian Williams made her go to college

Zap2it: Does it feel good, after basing your college career around acting, to have one of the starring roles in “Girls” now?
Allison Williams: I’d say it feels more than good. I’ve been yammering on about this ambition of mine ever since I was little, and my parents had the good sense — or lack thereof — to believe in me and my dogged perseverance and my hard work.
I cannot thank them enough for insisting that I go to college, because those four years were invaluable, incredibly important to my education but even more to my development as a human.
Zap2it: How is it to be acting side by side with the person who created the show, Lena Dunham?
Allison Williams: She’s one of the singularly most fantastic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone call my boss and co-worker. She is unusually adept at wearing many hats and doing it gracefully, even at such a young age. It’s at the point where that’s almost irrelevant to say, because she’s clearly not her age; she’s an older soul who somehow has found a way to bend the time-space continuum.
Zap2it: What do your father,NBC Nightly Newsand “Rock Center” anchor Brian Williams, and mother think of your “Girls” role?
Allison Williams: They’re just happy and proud that I get to do what I love for my living. That’s always been the goal, and they’re just amazed and totally happy that I get to do that. They understand the way it all works.

“Girls” airs Sundays on HBO.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin