Former Fox News host Glenn Beck waited just a few hours after the shooting of news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward before proclaiming the tragedy was a “final warning” from God.

“I think that God is giving me one final warning,” he says during his show on The Blaze TV. “He’s telling us, ‘you got one more chance, this is it.’ I’m telling you, this is it. This is God saying, ‘Last chance.'”

Beck offers apologies to anyone who doesn’t believe what he’s saying or understanding it after he reads from the scriptures.

I’m telling you, as we watch things like a shooting on television and a shooting on the street, this is the beginning of sorrows,” he continues. “This is the beginning, and we have a final call.”

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He also compares to the more frequent number of mass shootings as society heading down the wrong road.

“We have a final call. Turn around and go the other way. We’ve passed all the exits. Stop the d*** car,” he says. “If everyone else wants to continue on then you get out of that car and walk the other way. Please hear me.”

Parker and Ward were shot on Wednesday (Aug. 26) morning by their former co-worker Vester Lee Flanagan, who goes by Bryce Williams professionally and on social media. Flanagan filmed the shooting and posted it to his Facebook and Twitter feeds before fatally turning the gun on himself.

Posted by:Megan Vick