matthew perry go on 3 325 'Go On': The challenge of Matthew Perry's 13 costume changes

The new NBC series “Go On,” starring Matthew Perry as sportscaster Ryan King, gives costume designer Nancy Gould a main character with many layers that she helps reveal through the clothes she selects.
“There is a lot of room for distinction between the sports world and therapy world,” Gould tells Zap2it. “[Ryan] is confident and smart and successful on this radio show, so he dresses well in sports coats, suits and dress shirts by Hugo Boss, John Varvatos and Paul Smith. In his casual life, he wears a lot of Vince and Theory. He dresses up at work because he is on camera all the time. Sometime a tie when he’s doing the show and jeans underneath since you wouldn’t see them anyway.”
Gould says she enjoys everything about “Go On,” especially the characterization, and her main challenge is that sometimes Ryan has 13 changes in one show. She tries to find new ways to convey how the character is feeling instead of repeating the same silhouettes.
matthew perry go on 2 325 'Go On': The challenge of Matthew Perry's 13 costume changes“We tend to do the ties more when he is giving an interview,” Gould says. “A sport coat might be over a T-shirt or an open-collar shirt depending on whether he is on the air or interviewing a celebrity. In the therapy setting, I tend to try to show him more in sweaters, V-necks with a T-shirt or the zip-up casual jacket, ways that we don’t see him otherwise. I think it’s a way to see all sides of him as a character. He’s more vulnerable and accessible. There is a very sweet side that is going on in the therapy group, and it’s nice to see the softness.”
The jeans Gould favors for Ryan are Citizens of Humanity, Seven, John Varvatos and Joe’s. He also wears a lot of Theory pants, including a five-pocket twill that looks like denim. Shoes are always John Varvatos.”
“Matthew is fun to dress,” Gould says. “He wears clothes well, and he looks good in clothes. His character is fun because he is successful and gets to have a good wardrobe, which means I get to have a little more fun.”
Posted by:Monique Marcil