Zap2it: With aliens as much a factor of ‘BrainDead’ as politicians, did you have to do much research for your role?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: It might be laziness on my part, but I kind of took that as an excuse to not do too much research coming into it. I really wanted her to have this fish-out-of-water quality when she started working on Capitol Hill.

She really doesn’t know what she’s getting into, so every day on the set with every new script, I’m learning new things about what she’s doing and the kind of people she’s working with. It’s been a great way for me to learn alongside the character.

Zap2it: How has it been to work on the next season of PBS’ ‘Mercy Street’ at the same time you’re doing ‘BrainDead’?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: You know what? It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. It’s a little bit of whiplash going between the two, but because I had already done a season of “Mercy Street,” it was very easy for me to step back into that world. I stepped onto the set the first weekend I was back, and it was like I had never left.

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Zap2it: Doing two television series at once, plus movies both independent and big-studio, is it accurate to guess you’re satisfied with your career?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: That’s the great thing right now for an actor. If you open yourself up to all the different platforms that are available with TV and film and theater — which I haven’t done yet, but I hope to eventually — there’s so much good material, really, and so many great roles. It’s just a matter of finding them wherever they are and going down a lot of different avenues to get there.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin