robert harting getty Gold medalist Robert Harting robbed, forced to sleep in train station at 2012 Summer OlympicsWe’ve heard of getting robbed at the Olympics before, but for one 2012 athlete, the phrase has become all too literal.

Just hours after winning a gold medal in the discus competition, German athlete Robert Harting was robbed and forced to spend the night sleeping in a train station. The 27-year-old athlete broke the news via Twitter.

“Puuh I just got robbed while I did some work to please athletic fans! I lost my accreditation for Olympic village! – no entrance,” he writes on his feed.

According to the London Telegraph, Harting says that a thief stole his possessions while he was celebrating his victory. Surrounded by friends on the ship MS Deutschland, which is anchored on the Thames for the Olympics, Harting rejoiced in the most memorable night of his life — all while a thief reportedly made it more memorable.

When Harting left the party to discover his credentials missing, he says he had no choice but to seek shelter in a train station.

All this came just hours after Tuesday night’s (Aug. 7) discus competition, which saw Harting take home Germany’s first track and field gold in 12 years. The medal winner threw 68.27 meters — and after learning of his victory, tore off his shirt Hulk-style to the delight of the fans.

“If you see me coming out the stadium without a shirt, you know it was good,” he tells CBS News, talking about his trademark victory celebration.

Unbeaten in discus over the last two years, Harting just completed a rare “golden triple” of European, World and Olympic titles. The energetic German is also known for his spontaneous behavior, which was best illustrated Tuesday night after the shirt was removed, when the 278-pound muscleman saw that the women’s hurdles had been set up for that event and spontaneously decided to take a victory lap in front of 80,000 fans.

“It’s just amazing,” the 27-year-old Harting says of his gold medal. “I’ve dreamed of this since I was 12 years old.”

Thankfully for the athlete, there’s a happy ending to the story, because Harting has received a replacement credential. He now has access once again to Olympic village — and the victory ceremony he’ll be attending later this evening.

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