Judd Hirsch and George Segal face off on The Goldbergs

ABC is welcoming a new face to “The Goldbergs” family for Thanksgiving 2015 in the form of veteran actor Judd Hirsch (“Taxi,” “Independence Day”) as Murray’s (Jeff Garlin) father, Pop-Pop. Hirsch tells Zap2it that Pop-Pop is definitely a curmudgeon — and he’s going toe-to-toe with Beverly’s (Wendi McLendon-Covey) father (George Segal).

“[Pop-Pop] is a bit gruff and a bit annoyed with life and doesn’t seem to be very satisfied with anything,” says Hirsch. “From the first word I ever say to the other grandfather, it’s like right off the bat you know something’s been going on with these guys for years. It’s like jealousy, but it comes out as sharp remarks. These two guys don’t like each other.”

Hirsch teases that like with a lot of things on “The Goldbergs,” it turns into a competition, both between the grandfathers and the grandkids.

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“The kids are going to try to make the other ones jealous, they’re always competing with each other. In the competition, they’ll use the grandfathers, like saying, ‘I’ll have more fun with this one.’ But of course, the whole thing falls apart,” says Hirsch. “Beverly wants to have all the family there, and we go through Thanksgiving dinner where there is even a competition as to who can make the best speech.”


But despite the holiday hang-ups, "The Goldbergs" are a family that really does love each other and Pop-Pop is going to see what a good job his son is doing.

"Murray and Pop-Pop don't get along, they haven't talked to each other in quite a while. But I realize that perhaps my son is not such a bad father at all. There's a recognizable little pinhole of 'maybe you are a pretty good father.'"

"The Goldbergs" airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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