First fans were able to visit “Seinfeld’s” apartment, then a “Saved By the Bell” restaurant came into existence. Now, it looks like people from all walks of life will be able to sit around a table and stare at each other with the judging eyes of Blanche, Rose, Sophia or Dorothy. Yes, that’s correct — a “Golden Girls”-themed restaurant is coming to New York City.

According to Eater, the spot will be called Rue La Rue Cafe — a concept put together by Michael J. LaRue. Best friend to the late actress Rue McClanahan (who played Blanche Devereaux in the series), LaRue will apparently be adorning the spot with memorabilia left to him by the actress.

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The cafe will be located in the Northern Manhattan neighborhood, Washington Heights and will “serve soups, wraps, salads, desserts, baked treats and wine.” Will there be cheesecake? We’re assuming there will be cheesecake.

To commemorate the grand opening of the restaurant, LaRue says Betty White (who played Rose Nylund) will be present for the ribbon cutting ceremony. If ever there was an idea to appeal to tourists far and wide — seriously, “Golden Girls” is a popular series the world over — this would be it. Will it work, though? Probably. It’ll be helpful, though, if they have cheesecake.

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