Julie Bowen.jpgThere are a few bright dresses on the carpet at this year’s Golden Globes, but the big trend this year is boring, flesh-colored frocks. Everyone from Katharine McPhee to Charlize Theron to the visibly buzzed Piper Perabo. Theron, who said she has laryngitis told host Ryan Seacrest that she matched her dress to her voice.

Taissa Farmiga, Julie Bowen, Kristen Wiig, Emily Watson … every one of them blended into their dresses, making them look like they were both naked and fluffy. (It’s also possible to qualify Kelly Osbourne‘s awful, almost flesh-colored hair in this trend.) Even Kate Beckinsale, who is so beautiful that we think she’s a robot or made of magic looked totally washed out.

Thank goodness for people like Paula Patton, who’s canary yellow dress stood out in a sea of pale pink, white and nude. Even Angelina Jolie showed up in a blah dress. At least she managed a weird swath of red that matched her lips.

We feel bad for the spray tan technicians that these ladies have clearly put out of work. Not an oompa loompa among the ladies this evening. Someone better let Snooki know.


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