giuliana rancic golden globe awards red carpet fashion gi Golden Globes 2013: Giuliana Rancic makes an odd, cold fashion choice

No matter how good or bad a fashion choice we see from most stars at the Golden Globe Awards, they pass by quickly. The same cannot be said for someone like E! host Giuliana Rancic. She gets to stand in front of the cameras for hours. And when Giuliana makes a bad fashion decision, we all get to watch it.

The dress just didn’t work — and not just because it was about 40 degrees on the carpet, thereby freezing the scantily clad Rancic. Even if she had been warm, the look was not great.

Sure, it wasn’t a total catastrophe. Black is a decent color on Giuliana Rancic, even if she does look better in colors. She also had nice hair.

But then there was the lace… Rancic’s dress seemed to be mostly topped by black lace. At first glance, that black lace dress seemed to be off the shoulders. It wasn’t. There was nude-colored fabric across the lady’s shoulders. That gave the overall dress an odd look.

The worst part of Giuliana’s dress, however, was the neckline. Where most dresses plunge or circle nicely around the collarbone, Rancic’s collar reached up and clutched her around the neck. The poor woman looked like her gown would choke her the second the cameras turned away.

With such a death-defying dress, the best we can hope for is that Giuliana Rancic makes it to the end of the night alive.

Do you agree about Giuliana Rancic’s dress? Or do you like it?

Posted by:Laurel Brown