It should come as a surprise to nobody that when it was time for Mel Gibson to hit the stage at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, host Ricky Gervais had some jokes to make.

After poking fun at Gibson's past -- which includes getting pulled over for drunk driving and allegedly calling a female police officer "sugar t***" -- the actor finally took the stage to applause. Gervais wasn't done just yet, though.

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"I love seeing Ricky once every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy," Gibson quips before Gervais returns to the stage, earning him a "son of a b****" from the actor.

With the field set, the host asked Gibson a question that he believes everyone wants the answer to. However, clearly it was something that definitely cannot be said on TV as the audio was dropped from the telecast.

So, what did Gervais ask Gibson? Luckily, in the age of social media, those at the show quickly revealed what was said. "What the f*** does sugar t*** even mean?" Gervais wondered.

"I don't know, ask the guy who said it," Gibson responds. "It wasn't me."

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Chances are this will go down as one of the more awkward exchanges in Golden Globes history, so congratulations to both men.

Update: Confirmation from Gervais himself.

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