Close friend and "Philadelphia" co-star Tom Hanks salutes Denzel Washington with the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards. The legendary actor even takes a stab at his much-practiced Denzel impression.

"A great actor will forever astound us," Hanks says about Washington.

Upon receiving the prestigious honor, Washington is speechless. As the iconic actor pats his pockets, he says that he cannot seem to find the words that he wrote down for the special moment.

It's a good thing that he brings his family on stage with him to receive the honor because his wife, Pauletta, is right there when he needs her. As soon as Washington finds his note, Pauletta asks, "You need your glasses?"

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"Nah, I don't need them," he asserts before starting to speak. After giving thanks to everyone that he can remember, it's noticeable that wife always knows best.

Pausing mid-speech, Washington admits finally that, in fact, he does need his glasses. The room, full of Hollywood's biggest stars, is patient with the honoree and seems to love every minute of him being his true self on stage.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes