What’s wrong, Leonardo DiCaprio? Most people would not mind if Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga accidentally bumped their chair on the way to go accept a well-deserved award.

However, based on the look of DiCaprio’s face as the “American Horror Story” actress walks to the stage to pick up her trophy, he is annoyed and a little disgusted by the intrusion.

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Also, what was so funny, Leo? And then why make that grossed out face? Lady Gaga is well on her way to a blossoming acting career, and “The Revenant” star should perhaps use his acting skills to least try to show some respect towards the songstress.

Oh, and we see you creeping in the background, “Empire” star, Trai Byers. Everyone can see you checking out Gaga’s tight black dress and voluptuous curves.

Come on, gentlemen. It’s time to act like, well, gentlemen.


Posted by:redskinette86