What was likely meant to be a funny way to open up the 73rd Golden Globe Awards was instead a particularly painful few minutes to get through when Jonah Hill took the stage with Channing Tatum while dressed as the bear from "The Revenant."

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While the stars of "21 Jump Street" often have good chemistry together, the jokes Hill tells while wearing a bear hat -- with Tatum mumbling things off to the side -- were just uncomfortable. At least, what you could hear of it was.

Three times the audio was pulled from the telecast, due to Hill cursing, while explaining why people should care about honey.

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The one shining moment of the bit was seeing Jane Fonda -- who was nominated for the award they were presenting -- staring at the stage, stone-faced. She clearly didn't get it either and didn't think that was the place for their particular brand of humor. Perhaps they should have saved this particular bit for a comedy category.

Jane Fonda at the Golden Globes

Also, someone needs to find out exactly what's going on with Tatum's hair. Is that for a role or is he trying something new?

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