Let's be honest, sometimes award shows can run a little long and all feel a bit retread. Swap the nominee names, swap the trophy. Poof! New awards show!

Luckily, the 2017 Golden Globes had the good sense to get its true highlight out of the way in the first five minutes. During Jimmy Fallon's opening musical number, heavily inspired by the movie "La La Land," the kids from "Stranger Things" totally stole the show.

Millie Bobby Brown's rap game aside, the moment went even further to drive "Stranger Things" fans wild. The kids resurrected the internet's favorite TV character Barb (Shannon Purser) -- she rose out of a pool and took part in a synchronized swimming reminiscent routine of an old Busby Berkeley performance.

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Those who watched the first season of "Stranger Things" remember Barb, Nancy's best friend that was taken to the Upside Down. While the belief is that Barb is most likely dead, the show never really gave her character a true ending, which led to her becoming the show's breakout character that left so many fans begging for #JusticeForBarb.

Now, thanks to the Golden Globes, "Barb is still alive." Of course, an awards show is definitely not canon and while "Stranger Things" Season 2 is being made now while Barb's fate remains hanging in the balance, her abrupt disappearance from the show wasn't necessarily bad new for Purser.

Golden Globes

After "Stranger Things" took the world by storm, the actress was cast in the role of Ethel Muggs on "Riverdale." She may not be playing Barb on the show but if "Archie Comics" history had anything to say about it, she's going to have eyes for Jughead (Cole Sprouse). And that crown of his is cooler than a Golden Globe statue anyway, right?

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