lara spencer josh elliott good afternoon america abc 'Good Afternoon America's' Josh Elliott: 'I think you have to be a little different to succeed'Zap2it: Does this strike you as a logical time for a “Good Afternoon America”?

Josh Elliott: With all due respect to the great people at [the now-canceled] “The Revolution” — they’ve come on “Good Morning America” several times, and they’ve been really dear contributors — when that hole opened up in the schedule, it wasn’t like we were reinventing the wheel. We’re just making a fifth one.
Like with anything on television, I think you have to be a little different to succeed. You can’t just go out there and do something that’s expected, and yet, that’s what’s good about (“GMA”). When we take turns doing the lighter fare, that extemporaneous quality is something that people respond to, so that’s what we’ll be doing here.
Zap2it: How much do you think the existence of “Good Afternoon America” owes to recent ratings gains by “Good Morning America”?
Josh Elliott: We couldn’t be happier for the success we’re having. If you look at it in financial terms, the show becomes equity, so if we’re taking some equity out of our newfound success, let’s make sure we spend it wisely.
Zap2it: What does doing both shows mean for your schedule?
Josh Elliott: We’re going to find out! It’ll be the merry adventure. We’re not going to tell people that part of what’s fantastic is going to be to watch the effects of sleep deprivation on two anchors (Elliott and his “GMA” colleague Lara Spencer). It’s just going to be managing one’s time.

“Good Afternoon America” premieres Monday, July 9 on ABC.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin