“Good Behavior” has so far been weaving a tale of an ex-con hitting rock bottom and trying to put her life back together with the help of a contract killer who becomes her unlikely ally and then her friend.

Letty’s (Michelle Dockery) is certainly an interesting dynamic, but luckily the show didn’t use up all of its pathos on Letty’s situation. Tuesday’s (Dec. 20) episode, “The Ballad of Little Santino,” put Letty in the periphery — giving viewers a peek into Javier’s (Juan Diego Botto) background and how he got into his chosen profession. What transpired was the dinner party from hell, with Javier’s dad Oscar (Daniel Faraldo) revealing he has no intention of reuniting his family — but instead outing his son, whom the rest of the family thinks is a private chef, as a contract killer and thus ruining Javier’s relationship with them forever.

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It’s all because Oscar blames Javier for his little brother Santino’s death when Santino was just seven years old. Technically Javier did cause Santino’s death, but it was an accident — and 16-year-old Javier had no idea his brother’s seemingly minor head wound would kill the little boy while he slept.

Javier has obviously been carrying this with him his entire life, with it coloring all his major decisions — including his profession, since his father told him that he was a killer and then kicked him out of his family, leaving him to fend for himself as a teen.

It goes a long way to explaining Javier’s “saving-people thing” when it comes to Letty and Jacob (Nyles Julian Steele), with the whole family incident also acting as a catalyst for Letty and Javier to grow closer. There was obviously a sexual connection right from the start, but now that they’ve seen each other’s lives, warts and all, they’ve been in the emotional trenches together and might finally be able to forge a real relationship.

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Finally, the most interesting development is that in outing Javier’s profession to the family, Oscar revealed that Javier’s brother-in-law who owns the crematorium knew about Javier’s job. So what will Javier do now that his way of disposing bodies is gone? Will he go on the straight and narrow for Letty? That seems unlikely.

But “The Ballad of Little Santino” was a huge turning point for “Good Behavior” — and we’re excited to see where it goes as it hurtles toward the season finale in a few weeks.

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