catherine bell good witch series premiere hallmark 'Good Witch' basics: Everything you need to know before the series premiere
The sweetest witch in Middleton is back to charm the heck out of everyone she talks to, and this time she’s starring in her own television series.

Beginning on Saturday (Feb. 28), “Good Witch,” based on Hallmark’s seven original made-for-TV films of the same name, will follow Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale (Catherine Bell), a woman with a hint of magic, as she spends her days running her shop Bell, Book & Candle. There she helps others in town in mysterious ways while looking after her daughter and step-children.

For those who have seen the “Good Witch” films, it might come as a surprise that there will be one major character missing from the show: Cassie’s husband, Chief of Police Jake Russell (Chris Potter). As viewers will quickly find out, the series takes place 10 years after Jake’s “tragic death.” Yeah, you could say some things have changed.

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But whether you’re completely new to Hallmark’s “Good Witch” or you’re a total fan who’s just forgotten a few key points, here’s a short-and-sweet breakdown of the first seven movies followed by a little bit about the new alluring magic Cassie is going to stir up in the premiere.

1. ‘The Good Witch’

Talking points

  • Cassie Nightingale movies into an old, abandoned (and supposedly haunted) house called “Grey House” in Middleton
  • The viewers kind of get that she’s a witch, but she never actually says she a witch
  • She opens Bell, Book & Candle, a “wondrous” shop full of unique items
  • Jake grows to like Cassie after she helps his children, Brandon and Lori, escape from a dangerous dog
  • Although Jake likes her, he still has to deal with everyone else’s suspicions (especially those of the mayor’s ridiculous wife, Martha)
  • Jake declares his love for Cassie

2. ‘The Good Witch’s Garden’

Talking points

  • Cassie is settled into Middleton and works on turning Grey House into a bed and breakfast
  • Jake Russell is now her boyfriend (and his two kids, Brandon and Lori, like her)
  • People in town still don’t trust her
  • Jake’s father, George, just hangs around and does his own thing
  • A stranger named Nick Chasen comes to town claiming he owns Grey House
  • Jake helps Cassie disprove his claims
  • Spoiler: Nick is a liar and she gets the house in the end

3. ‘The Good Witch’s Gift’

Talking points

  • Jake proposes
  • They plan their wedding in six days so they can get married on Christmas Eve
  • Martha helps plan the wedding and ignores everyone’s wishes
  • An ex-con named Leon Deeks arrives in town and Jake is responsible for keeping an eye on him
  • George considers moving to Canada
  • Jake has trouble getting a wedding license because he can’t find any of Cassie’s documents proving she actually exists
  • Don’t worry, they still get married

4. ‘The Good Witch’s Family’

Talking points

  • Cassie’s long-lost cousin Abigail shows up, but she’s definitely not a good witch
  • Her voodoo magic causes disharmony in the town and Jake and Cassie’s marriage
  • The Mayor wants to build a bridge connecting Middleton to its neighboring city, but Martha opposes him
  • Cassie is nominated to run for Mayor and Derek runs against her
  • Jake is fired as police chief by the Mayor
  • Abigail messes with Lori’s love life by giving her a love potion
  • In the end, Cassie is elected Mayor, Jake is re-hired and Cassie reveals she’s pregnant

5. ‘The Good Witch’s Charm’

Talking points

  • Cassie is now mother to her infant daughter, Grace
  • She’s also still the mayor
  • A scandal of sorts pops up when a reporter releases a video of Cassie “magically” disappearing
  • Cassie’s estranged foster mother shows up in town
  • Lori is accused of all of the robberies happening in town (but, really, two of her bad-egg friends are responsible)
  • A mirror turns out to be the cause of Cassie’s disappearing act

6. ‘The Good Witch’s Destiny’

Talking points

  • Cassie plans to have a big party for her birthday
  • Lori finds creepy parallels between Cassie and Cassie’s great-aunt, the “Grey Lady” — who disappeared at her own birthday party years and years ago — and worries that Cassie might be cursed
  • Cassie figures out that the “Grey Lady” didn’t disappear and that she actually just moved to Texas to reinvent her life
  • Brandon and his girlfriend, Tara, plan to marry when they’re older
  • Oh, and Martha has a candy shop now

7. ‘The Good Witch’s Wonder’

Talking points

  • Cassie plans for Brandon and Tara’s wedding
  • Martha is now Middleton’s new mayor and wants Cassie to run a silent auction fundraiser
  • A women named Audrey shows up in town to help with the auction — and to work at Cassie’s store — but then items go missing, including one of Cassie’ heirlooms
  • It turns out that, although Audrey has been stealing the items, she was pressured to do so by her controlling husband (who is eventually arrested)
  • Also, Lori is now a sophomore in college studying journalism

‘Good Witch’ TV series


  • Cassie Nightingale
  • Grace (Bailee Madison), Cassie’s teenage daughter
  • Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton), Cassie’s curmudgeonly neighbor
  • Nick Radford (Rhys Matthew Bond), Sam’s troublesome son
  • Martha (Catherine Disher), the mayor
  • Lori Russell (Hannah Endicott-Douglas), Cassie’s step-daughter
  • Brandon (Dan Jeanotte), Cassie’s step-son
  • George (Peter MacNeill), Cassie’s father-in-law

Talking points

  • Cassie is still running her store
  • Jake is no longer alive
  • Her daughter with Jake is now a teenager and has her own “intuitive charm”
  • Probable new love interest Sam and his son Nick move in next door
  • Sam doesn’t like that the people in town go to Cassie to treat their illnesses instead of going to an actual doctor
  • Martha is still as comically ridiculous and annoying as always

“Good Witch” airs on Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

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