“Good Witch” has kicked off Season 2 by throwing Cassie (Catherine Bell) for quite a loop. Not only is she confronting her feelings for Sam (James Denton), but now John (Dan Payne), an old friend of Cassie’s from her college days, is in town bringing up some old feelings. Sunday (May 1) things are about to get even more complicated by the reappearance of Ryan (Anthony Lemke).

Speaking with Zap2it, Bell laughs about “the many love triangles that Cassie keeps getting involved in.” But even with several men vying for her attention, Bell says that Cassie may not be ready to move on just yet.

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“As great as Sam is and there’s Ryan and there’s this new guy, John, from her past, but her heart isn’t there yet,” says Bell. “It’s been a while [since Jake died], but Jake was the love of her life and it’s definitely hard for her. She’s just not totally ready. And Grace lost her dad, it’s not like they got divorced, so that’s different too. It’s not just like, ‘Oh, I’m moving on.’ She feels a huge responsibility to her daughter to make sure Grace is OK with that.”

Bell adds that Cassie and Grace will definitely be working through some things in Season 2 regarding Cassie’s romantic life.

“There’s going to be some really great episodes coming up between the two of us, some upcoming scenes where we talk about Jake and some emotional stuff that I’m excited for the fans to see.”

That being said, Bell knows the show “honored” Jake’s memory and dealt with his death “in a really sweet way” in Season 1 and that she thinks fans have moved on from him, so Cassie is also going to have to move on.

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“Every once in a while fans think about Jake, but Sam — James Denton is just so amazing and he’s not replacing Jake, so I feel like people quickly got used to that,” says Bell. “Here’s this great guy, this amazing man who’s kind of taking on the dad role [with Grace]. It’s a big decision for Cassie to make, she’s being pulled in so many directions. It’s going to be a major decision in her life — John or Sam or is she even ready? That’s really the big question.”

One of the obstacles to Cassie finding happiness with Jake is the fact that his ex-wife Linda (Gabrielle Miller) has come to Middleton and is not terribly fond of Cassie — and is not great about hiding that fact.

“She is truly awful, right?” says Bell with a laugh. “Cassie’s definitely a bigger person than I am. But it’s funny because there’s a few moments where Cassie does let a little dig come out, but it’s in such a Cassie way. There are ways I give it back to her, but she’s still being Cassie.”

“Good Witch” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

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