“Good Witch” brought its feel-good second season to a close Sunday (June 19) on Hallmark, in an episode that saw Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton) finally give in to their feelings for each other, only to have Sam seemingly stand Cassie up at the Middleton Lights Festival at episode’s end.

In preparation for the season finale, Zap2it spoke with executive producer Orly Adelson about the season and what’s next for the Middleton residents.

Cassie and Sam have been a slow burn on the show. Is it primarily because she’s still feeling the loss of Jake?

The interesting thing is you saw in the movies, Cassie and Jake got together immediately. It was the reverse of what’s going on now. She came into the small town, she met the cop and they immediately fell in love and got married.

I think it’s true in life that the loss of a wife, the loss of a husband, the kids, the work, ambition, timing, all of that plays a roll in relationships. Think about John coming into town, what are the odds, right? But people do come into town.

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So from our perspective it’s what happens in life and that’s what the whole series is about. I think that’s part of the success of the series for so many years, the idea of life taking its own course and sometimes unexpected things happen along the way that keep people apart or together. Tragedy, happiness, everything is combined into one journey of a family and I think that’s true here too.

Can you tease anything about why Sam didn’t show up at the Lights Festival?

That’s the thing about a teaser, I can’t really tell you, because if I tell you, I ruin next season! But that’s the thing about relationships, we don’t know. It may strengthen the relationship when she finds out why. On the other hand, it may disappoint her too. That’s the idea … it’s like in life, when you stand there and the one person you’re hoping will be there is not there. That moment in life is what we’re exploring.

Grace is really growing up on the show, can you talk about her coming into her powers and navigating those tricky waters?

Then the idea of Grace growing up is to be able to look at mother-daughter issues, to look at teenage development, longing from a girl who doesn’t have a father and of course relationships. Here is one girl who is discovering that whatever magic means — intuition, inner voice, seeing three steps ahead — what that magic is is what she’s finding within herself.

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Have you talked about introducing a love interest for her?

I think that will come into play soon. Look at Nick. He could have been a love interest and what’s interesting is he became a good friend. It’s the idea of how do you create friendships among teenagers? It’s not always about being in love. A lot of kids today form really strong bonds, female and male, and nothing to do with falling in love or sexuality or any of those things. But true friends that stay forever and I think it was important to look at those aspects.

How long do you see the show continuing?

I’d say quite a long time. We’re really in our infancy because it’s a series and not movies, so we’re going into our third season and I think there’s so much [to explore] … Hopefully it’s the beginning of a long love story between all of us and “Good Witch.”

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Is this the last we’ve seen of John?

I don’t know yet, I really don’t know because are there other aspects of Cassie that we want to explore? Is he going to come back? Did he realize that Cassie is not going to be his? Or would something change? I don’t know yet.

Can you tease anything about where you’re going in Season 3?

We are just starting to discuss, that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. We have ideas, but at the moment they’re just ideas that are being formed.

“Good Witch” returns in spring 2017 on Hallmark.

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