Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) is having a pretty good year on "Gotham," all things considered. She's kinda-sorta dating Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), she's got her friend Ivy (Maggie Geha) back, if a lot bigger than she used to be, and her estranged mother (Ivana Milicevic) has returned. Unfortunately for the future Catwoman, the fantasy world she's living in is getting ready to come crashing down around her.

"Anything that's too good to be true is too good to be true -- especially for Selina," Bicondova says. "The moment her life is going right, something awful happens, and she has to get right back on the road dodging bullets."

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With her mom back in town, it's natural to wonder if being around her is what helps build the Catwoman identity Selina will eventually take on. However, as Bicondova teases, "I think Selina would be more affected by the aftermath of her mother than the actual interactions with her."

"Once something happens -- the aftermath of what we will find out in episode 13, that is what's going to change Selina's path and take her on a course toward what she becomes," she says.

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And that's a truly sad thing to hear if you're a longtime fan of "Gotham." Over the course of three seasons, Selina has opened herself up to her friends -- well, friend -- and viewers, displaying a subtle vulnerability that you wouldn't expect from the street-wise, tough-as-nails Kyle. Unfortunately, that Selina isn't long for this world.

"Life is going pretty good for her right now, so she has an excuse to be vulnerable, or be open-minded," Bicondova admits. "Once crap hits the fan, she's going to put that guard right back up and add a few more locks on it."

Whatever secret Selina's mother is hiding remains a mystery at this point, but it certainly sounds as if it's going to spell trouble for everyone involved. More importantly, it's going to make Selina a closed book once again. Who will Bruce Wayne be without his best friend?

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