Poison Ivy is going to play a much bigger role in the future of “Gotham” than she did the first two seasons, but in order to do that producers have decided to not only recast the role but dramatically alter it.

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Previously, Ivy was played by Clare Foley and was right around the same age as Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), if not a year or two younger. Now actress and model Maggie Geha has taken over the role and Ivy is aging up.

As FOX explains, “Following an encounter with a monster from Indian Hill, Ivy Pepper finds herself reborn, and one step closer to the DC villain she is destined to become: Poison Ivy. Now a 19-year-old woman who’s harnessed the full power of her charms, she sets her sights on Bruce Wayne.”

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So gone is tween Ivy, here comes an older woman who wants to use the “full power of her charms” on Bruce. Given that Geha is 28 while Mazouz is 15 though, don’t expect things to go too far. Hopefully they shine a light on her obsession with botany, though. After all, she’s called Poison Ivy for a reason.

Regardless, it sounds like Bruce is going to need Selina to help him navigate around this new Ivy. And chances are audiences haven’t seen the last of Foley on “Gotham.”

The actress tweeted a photo of herself at the New York City home of “Gotham” as production on Season 3 begins. Perhaps the show is going to actually show her transformation from the younger to older Ivy. That would certainly be fun to see.

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With Geha joining as the reimagined version of Ivy and Jamie Chung as Valerie Vale, the next season of “Gotham” is beefing up its female cast even more — joining the likes of Bicondova, Erin Richards (Barbara), Jessica Lucas (Tabitha) and Morena Baccarin (Lee). Plus, cross your fingers, there’s likely more Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) on the way.

“Gotham” returns in the fall to FOX.

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