“Gotham” is about to enter the world of the mystical… And that spells bad news for Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).

The FOX series is set to introduce iconic comic book villain Ra’s al Ghul (Alexander Siddig) in the final episodes of Season 3 — a move that will have repercussions leading into a fourth season, should the series get renewed.

“We’ve been building to a catastrophic event, which is going to befall Gotham, which may change Gotham forever,” executive producer Danny Cannon tells Screener at WonderCon. “[We’re] basically going down the rabbit hole… The Court of Owls is going to uncover something that is an act of terror that’s going to happen around Gotham. It’s going to involve every single character. One ancient, mystic spiritual character could really be at the end of this rabbit hole.”

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That character is none other than al Ghul. And given his ties to the Court of Owls on “Gotham,” that puts Bruce Wayne squarely in his crosshairs. “This whole season has been about Bruce Wayne’s journey into manhood, and going and meeting somebody like that at the end of the season — it’s going to take him into a different plane,” Cannon says.

And it’s not necessarily going to be a good path, as Mazouz teases: “[Ra’s] has some involvement in taking Bruce on an incredibly instrumental journey in his transformation to becoming the man we all know he’s going to be. They will mess with his mind, mess with his body, mess with everything — mess with his relationships, good and bad.”

After his emotional journey while being held captive by Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), it seems “Gotham” is taking some big steps in building Bruce into Batman. With al Ghul as the next face on his path to becoming a vigilante, things should get pretty exciting.

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Of course, nobody could be more excited than a self-proclaimed Batman superfan like Mazouz.

“When I found out that Ra’s al Ghul was coming to the show, flipped out isn’t enough. I was so exuberantly excited,” the actor admits. “Ra’s al Ghul has always been one of my favorite characters. He is what makes Batman Batman. He really is, in a lot of ways in comics and in ‘Batman Begins,’ he is Batman’s first enemy.”

Still, while the inner fanboy in Mazouz can’t wait to mix it up with Ra’s al Ghul, he also knows how important a role it’s going to play in Bruce’s story going forward.

“Bruce will never ever be the same, and I don’t think he’ll ever fully recover from what’s coming,” he says.

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“Gotham” returns Monday, April 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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