There's a lot of bad in "Gotham." From corruption on pretty much every level, to all kinds of crime being committed throughout Gotham City, sometimes it's hard to find a beacon of hope in this dirty little town. Unless, of course, you pay attention to what the kids of Gotham are up to.

While they never seem to shy away from getting into trouble, that's not the interesting thing about Bruce (David Mazouz) and Selinna (Camren Bicondova). Instead, it's their budding love story, which is perhaps the most adorable thing on TV right now.

When Bruce admitted that he liked Selina -- with the possibility of like-liking her on the table -- all bets were off. The love between Batman and Catwoman has an iconic place in the comics and the way it's been woven into "Gotham" has been practically perfect. The two of them are kids on this show and that's how the relationship is being approached.

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They tried to have a date, they kissed and Bruce probably even made a mix tape for Selina -- given the ambiguous year in "Gotham," it's entirely possible mix tapes are still a thing for them. Imagine it, a tape full of angsty rock music and choice cuts from Danny Elfman's "Batman" score.

So of course he thinks Selina is his girlfriend! Or at least whatever the 15-year-old equivalent of girlfriend is is Gotham City. That's what made their moment together in "Executioner" so perfect.

In the middle of a life-and-death situation, Bruce decides it's time to define the relationship. That leaves Selina to be the reasonable one, telling him, "I'm not talking about this right now! We need to go somewhere right now!"

bruce selina gotham Gothams Bruce & Selina are pretty much the cutest thing on Earth

As if there was ever any doubt that Selina was going to be the one in control of this relationship. This moment is easily one of the best of Season 3 thus far. Not only was it a fun story to follow, it's also a nice reprieve from the dark and destructive nature of most of "Gotham's" stories. This is a line the show walks well. When things get dark, they throw in Bruce Wayne having a crush on his best friend. Hopefully we get to peek in on Bruce and Selina more as they figure out just what their relationship is.

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Besides, in a world like "Gotham," what could be better than the young love of a homeless girl and a rich kid who will go on to become great enemies when they start dressing up as animals in a few years?

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