Indian Hill on 'Gotham'

The Firefly has been extinguished for now on “Gotham,” but her new prison is an important piece to the show’s puzzle and may very well end up the biggest revelation thus far.

At the end of “Ride of the Villains: By Fire,” Bridgit Pike (Michelle Veintimilla) was taken to Indian Hill, where it was said she was fireproof after her suit melted onto her body. For those with good memories, Indian Hill should ring a bell as it was first mentioned in Season 1 of “Gotham.”

So why is it such an important location? Let Zap2it break down the Top 6 reasons you need to care about Indian Hill.

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1. Its connection to Arkham Asylum

In Season 1, Indian Hill was described as a “toxic waste dump on an Indian burial ground,” when offered to Don Falcone (John Doman) by Don Maroni (David Zayas). What was never mentioned was the laboratory that seems to exist just below the surface of this supposed dumping ground.

What’s more, fans theorized that this was the same site that Mayor James mentioned in Season 1, episode 4 — “Arkham” — as being the home of a future waste disposal site next to Arkham Asylum.

While at the moment the baddest of the bad have escaped Arkham and are all dead — save for Barbara (Erin Richards) — the location is iconic in the Batman story and chances are viewers haven’t seen the last of that particular asylum, especially if someone is experimenting on people underground next door.

2. A division of Wayne Enterprises

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) has known for some time that his company is doing bad things, but does he realize just how deep the conspiracy goes? As the writing on the wall so boldly states, Indian Hill is a division of Wayne Enterprises — that means his money and company are funding this human experimentation.

With Bruce slowly inching toward learning the truth about his father and the company he ran, the mystery surrounding Wayne Enterprises is only going to get deeper. The question is, when Bruce finds out the truth will he be able to handle what he discovers?

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3. A villain factory?

There were a series of blurry shots of people getting tested on, but most of them it was impossible to figure out. However, given the nature of the operation, could some future members of Batman’s rogues gallery be inside of those walls?

4. Who is the woman in black?


While just about everything inside of Indian Hill was a blur, there was one image that stood out — the woman dressed in black. Clearly she’s meant to be somebody important and has the costume to prove it. Who is she, though?

That answer isn’t immediately clear. Given how “Gotham” likes to play with canon, she could be just about anyone. One thing’s for sure, she’s got a costume that looks reminiscent of some versions of Catwoman. Is it possible this could be Selina’s (Camren Bicondova) mother?

Audiences have been led to believe her mom is dead, while Selina believes she’s still out there somewhere. What if the future Catwoman is right and her mother is actually hidden underground at Indian Hill?

5. Clearly, Firefly is coming back

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) may think he’s seen the last of Firefly, but that’s simply not the case. As the show states, she’s now fireproof. If that’s not the makings of a supervillain, what is?

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6. But what about the Joker?

So Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) wasn’t the Joker. “Gotham’s” producer have insisted again and again for almost a year that the Joker wouldn’t be a person, but rather an “ideology.”

A toxic waste dump certainly seems like a perfect birthplace for the Joker, though. Perhaps he could end up being a person after all?

In one version of the comics, the Joker becomes who he is after falling into a vat of chemicals at Ace Chemicals. While Indian Hill certainly isn’t a chemical plant just yet, it’s clearly a contender for most likely location. When you factor in the possibility that it’s next door to Arkham Asylum, it screams Joker — or laughs Joker. Laughing makes more sense.

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