Cameron Monaghan on 'Gotham'

“Gotham” fans have not seen the last of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) and being locked up in Arkham Asylum isn’t going to stop the city’s future most notorious villain from wreaking havoc.

“He causes massive amounts of carnage. You see exactly how dangerous a personality like his could possibly be,” Monaghan explains to Zap2it. “We see allusions to a very great villain.”

Producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller revealed at Comic-Con that the Joker is not a man but an ideology at this point. Monaghan agrees and elaborates on Jerome’s central role in creating the ideology while in Arkham.

“It’s less of a he and more of an idea. It’s not about a man. It’s about the ideology of a man and what that represents and how it affects other people,” he says. “I can say that by that ideology Jerome is very adept [at spreading it].”

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With “Gotham” being the prequel to the world that will eventually need Batman to save it, Monaghan has a unique chance in Jerome to put a spin on the Joker that many haven’t had before. He’s playing the man who will eventually become a face that even the most casual of comic book perusers are familiar with.

However, the young actor says rather than put his own mark on it he tries to pay tribute to the great villain actors he idolizes.

“In many ways it’s a love letter to 75 years of the character. I read as much as I could,” he says “I think he’s a great villain, so I used it as an opportunity to pay tribute to many greats that I grew up watching. Hopefully, will be able to catch that.”

They’ll have that chance when “Gotham” returns on FOX this fall, as Monaghan reveals he’s already shot “a couple of episodes” for the sophomore season. He also promises that he’s not the only one to look forward to.

“[In Season 2], we see the rise of great villains. We see the danger of a city in peril as it descends into utter madness and danger,” he teases. “It’s exciting.”

Posted by:Megan Vick