As "Gotham" moves into its third season, all eyes are on Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) as the continue evolving into the comic book heroes Batman fans know and love. You should definitely keep an eye on Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) though, because the Riddler isn't far behind.

Speaking to Zap2it about the changes Ed is going though, Smith says, "One of the things that happened for him in Season 2 is he embraced who he was. He learned a lot, even by teaching Oswald the adage of, 'Don't have connections to people because you can get hurt.'"

"When he gets out of Arkham this year, he gets a fresh start. He gets to start over as a new man, as a person who's embraced himself. He gets to walk toward claiming an identity," the actor continues. "And he's aware after framing Jim -- though that didn't go perfectly -- he was really good at it. Framing people and setting people up in little traps is something he's good at and enjoys."

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As Ed barrels through the mental state of the Riddler, surely that means he'll take on the maniacal villain's fashion sense as well, right? While he won't say much, Smith admits his costumes in Season 3 will include "definitely more green. I've had some costume fittings. Some cool, cool stuff coming."

With so many different versions of the Riddler, though, which should "Gotham" take its inspiration from? Follow along as Zap2it revisits six of the character's most iconic looks throughout history.

'Detective Comics'

riddler detective comics 6 Riddler looks to inspire Gothams Ed Nygma transformation

When Riddler made his first appearance in the comics, it was actually a rather simple costume. The green body suit covered in black question marks with a small mask was all the Riddler needed.

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frank gorshin batman 6 Riddler looks to inspire Gothams Ed Nygma transformation

That original look carried over to live action in the Adam West-led "Batman" TV series. With Frank Gorshin in the role of Nygma, he wore the green unitard and purple mask. However, he went dapper with a green suit and tie, covered in question marks and the classiest hat you'll ever see.

'Batman: The Animated Series'

In "Batman: The Animated Series," the suit and tie look for Riddler underwent a bit of a makeover, with a single question mark adorning his tie. The mask was added from his unitard look though, because a villain still has to look like a villain.

'Batman Forever'

jim carrey batman forever wb 6 Riddler looks to inspire Gothams Ed Nygma transformation

As Riddler in "Batman Forever," Jim Carrey's costumes was designed very closely to the earlier versions. At least, most of them were. Then there was the look below, which is probably best remembered for how downright silly it looks. Should you be speared of someone covered head-to-toe in glitter?

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batman forever 6 Riddler looks to inspire Gothams Ed Nygma transformation

'The Batman'

riddler the batman wb 6 Riddler looks to inspire Gothams Ed Nygma transformation

It was another animated series, "The Batman," that went in a very different direction. Instead of a suit and tie, the Riddler looked like a strung-out rock star. It didn't really work in the cartoon -- though, neither did their Joker -- and it's best left in the past.

'Batman: Arkham' video game series

riddler batman arkham 6 Riddler looks to inspire Gothams Ed Nygma transformation

One of the most recent incarnations of Riddler comes from the "Arkham" series of video games, which made ample use of the green-loving psychopath. He appeared with a few different designs, most notably this gritty take on Ed, which definitely looks like something that would appear in a movie.

It remains to be seen exactly which direction "Gotham" will go with their Riddler character design. But, with such a rich history of looks they won't have to look far for inspiration.

“Gotham” returns Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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