After two seasons of build, the pairing of Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) has finally led to the best friend zone any viewers were dreaming of. At a certain point, though, it looked as if it was going to go further.

After Penguin realized he was betrayed by Butch (Drew Powell) -- and his life was saved by Ed -- the two shared a very warm embrace, which left those tuning in wondering if they were going to kiss. One episode later and Oswald is proclaiming his love for Ed and just looking for the right time to tell his best friend. Unfortunately for him, Ed's interests have been diverted elsewhere thanks to a woman that looks a lot like the girlfriend he killed.

Surely this means serious trouble for any romantic possibilities between the two, right? Not really, because there wasn't much of a chance of it in the first place.

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While Penguin thinks he's in love with Ed, the harsh reality is we have no idea what the emotion actually is. As Taylor previously revealed, "He doesn't really know what true love is and I don't think he ever will."

"He wants true love but he wants it the way a robot cyborg wants it. 'Oh, look at that behavior. I want to do that,'" Taylor continued. "But without actually knowing what it is and truly understanding it."

It's not hard to understand why Cobblepot thinks he loves Ed. After all, it was the future Riddler who showed him that the citizens of Gotham actually believed in him and wanted him to be mayor. This is truly the first time anyone has openly believed in Oswald -- besides his dead parents, of course.

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So while Penguin may like to think he finally feels love for another person, it's more misguided affection. Sadly, for Penguin, true love just isn't in the cards.

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