“Gotham” is returning on Monday (April 13) and bringing an ogre with it. Milo Ventimiglia will be introduced as Jason Lennon, a serial killer known as the Ogre who’s going to terrorize Gotham City and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) over the next three episodes.
In the featurette above, which exclusive to Zap2it, the cast shares their thoughts on the new villain in town. 
“The Ogre has the potential to be one of the scariest villains yet,” Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma) says. Morena Bacarrin (Leslie Thompkins) reveals she’s both “terrified and excited” to see the damage the Ogre will do.
The cast also looks back on some of the first season’s most memorable villains, including none other than Jerome (Cameron Monaghan). While the show’s producers won’t say he’s the Joker — but rather one of many possible Jokers to be introduced — the cast certainly sees him as the future clown prince of crime.
“One of my [favorite] scenes is a hint of the Joker,” Baccarin says. “I stupidly did not see that on the page, and when he was acting in the scene and suddenly Cameron releases this amazing laugh, I was like, ‘Oh!'”
“It’s really a treat to watch actors take on roles that we’re all familiar with and see how they interpret it anew,” McKenzie adds.
“Gotham” returns Monday, April 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
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