When "Gotham" returns on April 24, you can say goodbye to Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). After nearly three seasons, Ed's transformation into the classic "Batman" villain The Riddler is finally coming to fruition -- and with it comes a fancy new costume fit for a madman.

When Screener spoke to Smith at 2016's San Diego Comic-Con, he confided in us that fittings for Riddler's suit were underway as he prepared for the major shift in his role on "Gotham." Now, with The Riddler's arrival, fans are getting to see the costume in action. Though as Smith tells Screener, he wasn't necessarily a fan of it at first.

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"When I was at Comic-Con last year, I was trying on green suits. They just have gotten greener and greener and greener and greener," the actor tells us at WonderCon. "When I went in for the suit we were going to use in episode 15, I walked in... It's like bright, glittering from the corner of the room on the rack, and I was like, 'That cannot be on my body. That is a sparkly green thing -- that is not the suit. Please tell me.'"

You can't really blame Smith for his reactions. After all, as he explains, "On our show all the clothes are really dark and kind of subdued, or they're rich colors -- but they're not bright. This is a bright green, so it's bold."

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Feeling is believing, though, and all it took for Smith to become a fan of the look was slipping the jacket on.

"When I put it on, we used the same tailors that make all my suits. It was just beautiful, with the black velvet. We have these gorgeous black shoes with just a hint of a purple/maroon thing, just on the shoes. I got really excited, because it was shocking on the rack, but then it was on my body and I was like, 'This feels so right.'"

While there have only been small looks as the suit in action so far, thanks to a trailer from the April 24 episode -- "How the Riddler Got His Name" -- there's no denying it helps to make the Riddler pop in a way nobody else on "Gotham" does. Given that he's going to be spinning riddles and ruining lives, we think Smith's right on target -- it could just turn out to work perfectly.

"Gotham" returns Monday, April 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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