After spending most of Season 3 making sure things are running smoothly as the Sirens, Barbara (Erin Richards) is getting her own excellent adventure on the Nov. 21 episode of “Gotham.”

As can be seen in the episode’s trailer, Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) is missing and Barbara is on the hunt for her closest friend, business partner and sometime lover. Speaking to Screener, Richards teases, “In this episode you really see her fight for Tabitha. Obviously, we know her and Tabitha’s relationship is a really important one. But you see here how much she will go out to get Tabitha back.”

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That may be easier said than done, though. Tabitha has been taken by Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), along with Butch (Drew Powell). Penguin’s (Robin Lord Taylor) crazed associate is convinced it was Butch that killed his girlfriend, and he’s ready to enact a measure of revenge.

That’s not going to sit well with Barbara, though. Outside of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), there’s seemingly only one person on earth that she truly trusts and that’s Tabitha.

“I think that has a lot to do with the relationship they have with each other — and also because she knows that she needs Tabitha,” Richard reveals. “Without Tabitha, she is unprotected. And even though she has this great intellect, and motivation to move up the ranks of the underworld, Babs without Tabs is not going to get her there — she needs the brawn as well as the brains.”

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There’s still an uphill battle for Barbara gaining any measure of power in Gotham City now that Penguin’s consolidated his position as both mayor and crime boss. But with Babs and Tabs, anything is possible — even if that means figuring out how Butch fits into the puzzle.

“Barbara and Tabitha are very similar in that they’ll use whoever’s around,” she says. “Butch is useful to have around as long as he’s on [our] side. It’s… muscle, another set of guns to help her rise to the top.”

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“Gotham” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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