frank underwood house of cards leonard nimoy andy april parks and rec composite Government agencies want you to know that they watch TV too

Someone you wouldn’t expect has also been binge watching “House of Cards” Season 3 — and no, it’s not your grandma using your Netflix account. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has also been bonding with Frank Underwood, and has some clarifications it wants to make about declaring emergencies. 

FEMA isn’t the only government agency that’s got a stocked queue of Netflix shows to watch and a DVR of weekly programming to clear. NASA recently paid respects to the late Leonard Nimoy, who passed away on Feb. 27. For days after, the official NASA account tweeted their condolences as well as messages from astronauts who were inspired by Nimoy’s “Star Trek” character Spock. 

Before NASA And FEMA, the FBI was tipping their hat to the pop culture game though. It turns out the nation’s protectors are big “Parks and Recreation” fans. They bid adieu to the show’s faux FBI Agent/Andy’s alter ego Burt Macklin (Chris Pratt) and used it as an opportunity to recruit potential future agents. 

Is the government getting hip so that constituents know what they actually do or how to start government careers? That’s probably expecting a lot, but at least you know you have buddies on Twitter to talk to during your next binge watching fest. If none of those agencies seem like your cup of tea, you can always bond with the POTUS himself Barack Obama over his plethora of favorite TV shows. 
Posted by:Megan Vick