Aaron Tveit plays undercover agent Mike Warren in Season 2 of Graceland
“Graceland” returns this summer for Season 3 on USA and the main question on fans’ minds is “Is Mike still alive?”
It’s the first question Zap2it asked “Graceland” stars Aaron Tveit and Daniel Sunjata at NBC’s Summer Press day as well. 
“He’s alive-ish. He definitely appears in the season premiere of Season 3, in some capacity,” Sunjata says, careful not to give any spoilers away. 
In the Season 2 finale, Sid (Carmine Giovinazzo) cuts off Mike’s (Tveit) breathing tube, leaving him in cardiac arrest as Briggs (Sunjata) arrives on the scene to try and save his friend. Sunjata explains that will continue to be his priority when Season 3 picks up. 
“If anyone’s life is truly at risk or in danger of being lost, that person is the first priority. Mike is Briggs’ first priority,” Sunjata says. “We don’t know how alive, or if he’s alive or if he’s a ghost in early Season 3. Briggs’ priorities are up in the air but it’s Graceland — the group, not necessarily the house.” 
That group has some reckoning to deal with, according to Sunjata, after many of them went a little wayward in the sophomore season. 
“A lot of people had made some poor decisions. The piper must be paid. There’s some karmic rebalancing of the scales that needs to happen,” he says. “A couple of the main buzzwords for Season 3 have been atonement and penance.”
Tveit was also skimpy on details, but promises he’s been making the USA publicity rounds for a reason — fans will just have to tune in to figure out what that is. 
“You kind of don’t know how, when, or what it’s going to be but I am there in some capacity — without giving too much away,” Tveit jokes. 
For those chomping at the bit, USA released the first teaser trailer for “Graceland” Season 3. Check it out below. 

Posted by:Megan Vick