Mike Warren lays in a hospital bed in 'Graceland' Season 3 premiere


Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) is alive and (mostly) well in Season 3 of “Graceland.”

As much of a relief as it is to see that the show’s main character and hero hasn’t been killed off, there are a lot of unanswered questions about how Mike is still alive and what accounts for his almost Zen-like feelings about his housemates — especially Paige (Serinda Swan).

What viewers do know is that Mike coded in his hospital bed after Sid (Carmine Giovinazzo) tried to kill him in the Season 2 finale. Doctors were able to resuscitate him after a few minutes and now he’s yearning to get back into the house as if nothing has happened.

Major things have happened though. The case he was investigating for two years went up in smoke at the hands of his nemesis, who then tried to kill him. Better yet, Mike’s girlfriend is the one that sold out his location. Yet in the Season 3 premiere Mike goes above and beyond to save Paige from herself — even if it means letting Sid get away.

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“I think it’d be great to see these people come back together and put their differences aside because they are all actually brilliant agents and very talented,” Tveit explains to Zap2it. “If they can realize that being in a place like Graceland, you can lean on the people with you and if these people can come together they can do some good for a change.”

That sounds well and good, but is Mike really able to forgive Paige so easily and get back to work? There are hints that he’s not as far down the road to recovery as he wants everyone to believe, since he relies too much on his morphine drip to get through the day.

“He’s not a very introspective person naturally. There is some room to self-examine and look at himself to see maybe what he did wrong and what he can do differently,” Tveit explains. “His approach may need to change going forward if he’s going to be successful after this.”

That approach will most certainly have to involve confronting his demons — and Paige — for what’s happened instead of pretending that everything is fine. Mike will need to be at the top of his game if he still wishes to stop Sid and sweeping things under the rug doesn’t seem to be a suitable — or satisfactory — game plan.

Posted by:Megan Vick