Carlito enjoys a bath in Graceland Season 3


Johnny (Manny Montana) has officially crossed a line he can’t reverse by killing Sid (Carmine Giovinazzo) on “Graceland.”

Not only has he committed murder, but he’s allowed Carlito (Erik Valdez) to get the upper hand and put himself that much further from saving Lucia (Jamie Gray Hayder). With Carlito aware of how eager Johnny is to double cross him, Johnny knows he’ll have to kill the cartel leader if he wants to save his girlfriend.

“He knows that in order to get [Lucia] out he’s going to have to kill Carlito, which I don’t think he’s willing to do. He’s starting to realize that a happy ending can never be,” Montana explains to Zap2it.

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Part of that is because Johnny will have a hard time living with what he’s done to Sid, no matter what terror the man has unleashed on his roommates.

“It haunts Johnny throughout the entire season. It comes out in different ways. He’ll be moody and then he’ll be happy,” Montana says. “Another character in the house goes through something similar and they share a good minute because they confide in each other.”

Even though killing Sid was technically saving Carlito’s life, it’ll make Johnny’s journey even more difficult now.

“I killed Sid in order to save Lucia, not to save Carlito. He knows I tried to set him up and rob him and get Lucia — get everything that I wanted,” Montana says. “The relationship is even worse if that’s even possible.”

To figure out if Johnny is ever going to be able to get Lucia out of Carlito’s grasp, tune into “Graceland” airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Megan Vick