gracepoint episode 5 suspects nick nolte Finally, 'Gracepoint' explores Nick Nolte and Jacki Weaver's creepy charactersFinally, an episode of “Gracepoint” that investigated the inherent creepiness of Nick Nolte’s character. In episode 5, Nolte’s kayak shop owner and Jacki Weaver’s Susan Wright were both at the center of the Gracepoint police’s investigation into the murder of Danny Solano. Take a look at the two likeliest suspects of the episode:

Jack Reinhold
Nolte’s kayak shop owner was buds with Danny, but his statutory rape conviction and lack of alibi — reading “Infinite Jest” at home alone doesn’t exactly cut it — make him look pretty bad. So does burning photos he took of him and Danny, but the police don’t know about that yet.

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Susan Wright
The detectives might not know what to make of Weaver’s Susan, but the town’s newspaper editor is pretty suspicious of the creepy caretaker. Apparently she was interviewed for the paper a few years back and went by the name of Ruth. Nope, definitely nothing suspicious here!

Who do you think was the most likely murder suspect in “Gracepoint” episode 5?

Posted by:Jean Bentley