John Stamos is back on TV in FOX's new comedy "Grandfathered," playing a recently divorced bachelor who finds out that he has a son and a granddaughter he never knew about. Stamos, who also executive producers the show, tells Zap2it that his character, Jimmy, has a lot of growing up to do upon learning about his new family.

"He's a guy who is going to grow a lot by having a kid and a grandkid," says Stamos. "He thinks he has it all figured out when really, he doesn't. Who does? There will be a lot to do ... what if I would have known? You're trying to make up for a lot of time. You can't go potty train [your son] because he's 25 years old, so it will be interesting how that happens."

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Co-executive producer Danny Chun adds, "He's this consummate cad bachelor guy, he wants to still be that guy because he likes it, but he also wants to do right by his new family so, it's being a parent and also, with this woman whose re-entered his life who he had a child with 25 years ago and is now kind of constantly looking over his shoulder."

Part of the fun of the series is that Stamos has a lot of good contacts in the entertainment industry and is not shy about asking them to guest-star, if the part is right.

"It's a tricky. If you write something good that they want to play -- I always think of people asking me to do things. The thing that I don't like doing is playing myself, so it's hard because it's a bummer to ask unless it's a really good, special part," Stamos says, adding that his "Full House" co-star Dave Coulier has a cameo in the second episode. "That was an easy one."

"Full House" fans can also look forward to a Bob Saget cameo in the premiere. "Grandfathered" debuts Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

Posted by:Kara Warner