What would happen if Thomas Edison visited the modern day? Thanks to "Great Minds with Dan Harmon," we now know he'd be upset that nobody named a car after him.

In the Zap2it-exclusive clip above from the March 10 episode of "Great Minds," part of the "Night Class" late-night block, Harmon takes Edison -- played perfectly by "SNL alum Jason Sudeikis -- for a spin in his fancy new car, which the legendary inventor is quite complimentary of at first. That all changes when he finds out the car in question is a Tesla.

"Named after Nicky Tesla?" he asks. "One of my many proteges?"

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While Harmon reminds Edison that he's remembered as "the successful guy," there's a reason Tesla was honored with his own car. "He's kind of the punk rock guy," Harmon explains. "The cool guy. The genius that was misunderstood."

It turns out you definitely shouldn't let Thomas Edison know he's not the cool guys. Suddenly the things he loved about the car -- including ample space for his "armaments" and the touch screen interface -- become problems.

"This is dumb," he says. "There's fingerprints and smudges everywhere."

Don't worry Tom, you'll get your due one day. Surely there's somebody working on a car called the Edison somewhere on the planet.

"Great Minds" airs in the "Night Class" programming block, Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on History.

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