All week long, you knew it was coming: When Sarah Palin stepped out of the political shadows to endorse Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, resulting in a surreal right-winging, bitter-clinging, proud clinging speech — it just had to have Tina Fey licking her lips in anticipation.

And sure enough, on the Jan. 23 “Saturday Night Live,” Fey once again put on her glasses and a sparkly ensemble to spoof the former Alaska governor. Alongside Darrell Hammond as Trump, the two “SNL” alumni hilariously partied like it was 2006.

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Opening up a snowbound “SNL” hosted by Ronda Rousey, Fey and Hammond took the stage as the GOP front-runner and the 2008 VP candidate. As soon as Trump introduced his high-profile supporter, she pushed him out of the way to begin her rambling speech.

Pointing her fingers in the air and making gun noises to accentuate her comments Trump gets confused. “She’s crazy, isn’t she?”

And as the speech continues, Trump makes an observation — that everything Palin says sounds vaguely sexual. “And I love dirty stuff, I really do,” he insists. “But this is blue, even for me.”

“They stomp on our necks and say ‘What’s the big deal? Take a chill pill, Jill,” Fey’s Palin rhymes. “But we’re mad, we’ve been had, and we’re not glad — quoth The Lorax.”

“She sounds like a greeting card from a Chinese dollar store,” Trump adds.

“Guess what, America? I don’t really think this guy should be President,” Palin whispers, saying Trump promised her a presidential appointment. “And I belong in a cabinet — because I’m full of spice, and I got a great rack.”

“Thank you Iowa,” Fey’s Palin concludes. “And God bless some of the United States of America.”

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