“Grey’s Anatomy” is nearing its Season 13 fall finale — and Meredith’s Nanny has seen it all. This week: More of Amelia’s unending “Private Practice” traumas, road rage kills the cutest kid and Wesley’s girlfriend from “Angel” (Brigid Brannagh) has the worst day of anyone who has ever lived.

The doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial just cannot escape their past! Much to Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) dismay, former resident (and side piece) Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrar) returned to study under — and obsess on, obviously –Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary).

Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), however, were less than thrilled to see their weird, old, incompetent, PJ Harvey-looking friend again. But while Karev (Justin Chambers) had few words to say about his stalker getting re-hired by Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.), he’s got enough on his mind with the pending court case, and ugly-fighting with Bailey (Chandra Wilson) about a risky surgery, to be too rattled by Murphy’s presence.

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Everybody should give Murphy another chance, I think. It’s been three seasons — and more years than that, given the Derek-related time jumps of the past few seasons — since they last saw her … and from the brief moment I passed her in the hallway, she seems much less annoying than she used to be. But honestly, her return makes no difference to me — it’s not like she has any kids I’ll need to look after, thank God.

Kelly McCreary and Tessa Ferrer, Grey's Anatomy

But now I’m wondering if another former Grey-Sloan employee is about to return…

From a mile away, you can spot that poor, sweet Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) falling apart under the pressure of being married. (Or alive, to be honest. Being “an alive adult” has always been her major problem, which sucks because there is no getting away from that one.) Amelia wants to be the perfect wife to baby-hungry Owen Hunt, because it makes her a grown-up. Eventually she might even (want to) be the perfect mom — but ghosts from her past might unfortunately keep her from being one.

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Reliving one of her many, many gut-wrenching moments from the “Private Practice” days in L.A., Amelia breaks down to Karev about the baby boy she delivered without a brain, who lived for a total of 43 minutes. Her heartbreaking smile and even more heartbreaking mask of loss, alternating, put all of Amelia’s history — here, the other clinic, stuff that happened before either show — in front of you at once, and it’s really effective (if only because of Scorsone’s performance).

Because they never had to sit through the nonstop gut-punch tragedy parade that was “Private Practice,” but also because of Amelia’s bottomless shame, my boss Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) doesn’t know this story, Derek never knew about it — and if I hadn’t hit the break room for some vending-machine Twix on my way to get Ellis from daycare, neither would I.

Amelia has to tell Hunt. That’s a given, and it’s part of the story she’s already begun to tell. But there’s only one person I can think of that could give her the confidence to do that, and it’s the person who lived through this tragedy with her. A person that can knowledgeably tell her that it’s going to be alright, that she did nothing wrong and that she is totally capable of giving birth to a healthy baby one day.

addison gif greys anatomy Greys Anatomy Nanny Diaries: Paging Dr. Addison Montgomery!

Paging Dr. Addison Montgomery! Get that hot rear back to Seattle!

If Amelia’s struggling to tell her own family what she went through, she’s not going to go spill her medical history to Arizona, either. Amelia will feel most safe with her former co-worker and sister — the woman I’m supposed to hate, because I’m Team Meredith always — but on whom I still can’t help but girl crush: Neonatal specialist Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd-Montgomery-I Forget What Else.

I also can’t help but think that enough time has passed that Addison and Meredith could be in the same room and not want to kill each other. Derek is dead, they’re both off the hook.

I always wondered why Addison wasn’t at his funeral, but then again, it’s not like Meredith kept in contact with anyone during that awful year. And I know that I speak for a lot people when I say it’s time to get everyone’s favorite redhead back on-call in Seattle.

deluca and jo greys anatomy gif Greys Anatomy Nanny Diaries: Paging Dr. Addison Montgomery!

In other news, some kind of sparks are flying between DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Jo. This budding relationship torques me off for two reasons. First, Jo is totally aware that I have a massive crush on DeLuca. But who could ever compete with Jo? I keep telling her that she should quit her stressful medical career and become a model. Not just because then she would be gone — freeing up DeLuca to hopefully one day notice me as more than Mer’s nanny — but because she legit could be on the cover of Vogue if she tossed out her scrubs.

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Second, with DeLuca and Jo’s current situation with Karev, their friendship now turning romantic is just too ironic. I want to shake both of them back into reality — especially with this weirdly judgmental Drake routine he’s pulling on her now, judging her for having feelings for Karev as though there’s any reason she should be blamed for that, comparing himself to Karev like he’s going to argue her into having feelings for him, and generally making a Nice Guy mess of that gorgeous face.

We knew DeLuca had to have a flaw, and maybe some of his Pierce-related clinginess was a red flag, but I got so furious with his entitled whining and high-road grandstanding that it’s hard, at least for now, to really root for him at all. You’re not the good guy if you have to keep explaining you’re the good guy — you’re just a guy, who becomes less good every time he opens his perfect mouth.

I don’t have a reason to lecture Jo, at least not until I am in charge of whatever kids she might have one day, but if I could, I’d surprise myself by telling her to pull it together, talk to Karev and stop being ridiculous.

I also want to yell at DeLuca to meet me at Joe’s Tavern in an hour. But while the former will happen soon — and miracles happen at Grey-Sloan all the time — the latter probably never will.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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