“Grey’s Anatomy” is still just beginning its lucky thirteenth season — and Meredith’s Nanny has seen it all. This week: A medical miracle on the job, a fan-favorite returns, and Meredith goes swimming in a certain river in Egypt…

There’s nary an evening my boss doesn’t come home from her shift at Grey-Sloan Memorial without some juicy story to share. Thursday night (Oct. 6), I nearly dropped the bottle of pinot noir I was uncorking when Meredith mentioned what happened with one of the patients: Usually, she’s telling me the latest gossip between her co-workers, but these days Meredith’s decided if she doesn’t talk about the tricky situation with Dr. Riggs and Maggie, it doesn’t actually exist.

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Sorry, Mer… Maggie is not dumb. She’s going to be pissed as all hell when everything comes to light. And even more ridiculous than my boss’s suggestion that Riggs acts like a horrible date, so Maggie will stop crushing on him, is the fact that a woman straight up died and came back to life again tonight. I still can’t believe this is real, and I heard it straight from a surgeon’s mouth.

Aside from Dr. Edwards (Jerrika Hinton), no one else seems super shocked that a lady got declared dead and then was alive again. This is “Grey’s Anatomy,” not “The Vampire Diaries.” But it turns out that apparently, there are numerous cases recorded every year where patients are deceased for up to an hour and then… No longer deceased?

I had, and have, so many questions. If this can happen after one hour… What about a full day? What about ten? Are there random people buried six feet under getting their pulse back and then trapped alive in a casket to die of starvation? Mer, this is terrifying, I yelled. I started asking rapid fire questions with an intensity she was in no mood to placate and answer.

meredith grey gif Greys Anatomy nanny diaries: Freaking out over that medical miracle

Few things rattle Meredith. And I get that. Is there any tragedy this woman hasn’t survived by this point in her life? So while I understood explaining to me the science behind near death experiences was the last thing she wanted to do after a 14-hour shift, I started Googling the crap out these instances.

I was so deep into my research, I barely noticed Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) show up to check up on Karev (Justin Chambers). I’m so happy Arizona is back! And while I miss little Sofia so much, one less Grey-Sloan kid to keep track of all the time makes a huge difference in my life.

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Anyway, I stayed up until 3 a.m. reading about a bunch of people’s near death experiences. There’s an array of varying personal accounts on Storypick.com, and the stories sourced on Oddee.com are so crazy that this patient’s situation now seemed less mind-blowing. But still: Beyond fascinating.

I know I’ll never be smart enough to be a surgeon myself, but I love how much I learn just being around doctors all the time. Solid job perk — aside from the house never being out of wine or whiskey.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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