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When “Grimm” star David Giuntoli stopped by the Zap2it offices to catch up and make some s’mores, he excitedly discussed the news that Season 6 of the show will give him an opportunity to direct.

“I’m going to be directing the third episode, but it’s the first one we’re going to make — they want to [work around] actor boy so he gets to direct,” joked the star. “I’m really, really excited. I’ve been watching this world unfold in front of my eyes for five years, and now I’ll be able to do that.”

For obvious reasons, the “Grimm” fanbase is eager to see what episode 603 will look like. Now we have some clues, thanks to Bitsie Tulloch — Juliette on the show and Giuntoli’s girlfriend in real life.

Like any proud partner, Bulloch has been chronicling her boyfriend’s hard work on social media. Dissecting her photos, here are some details we can piece together, Nick Burkhardt-style.

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He’s gotten intense

When you’re a leading man, you have certain obligations — like, combing your hair and shaving. But when you’re an auteur, no such restrictions apply.

In the photograph below, posted by Tulloch, you can see how intense Giuntoli gets behind the camera. Holding a portable monitor in his hand, with headphones around his neck, Giuntoli seems determined to get his shot. Judging by his appearance, it also seems reasonable to assume that Nick won’t be on camera as much as usual.

It involves the spice shop

On August 5th, Tulloch posted a photo of herself and a friend in Monroe and Rosalee’s spice shop. It’s a longtime “Grimm” set and apparently one of her favorites on the Portland soundstage.

Based on the photo, we could reasonably assume that Giuntoli’s episode will further advance the “Rosalee is pregnant” storyline introduced as a Season 5 cliffhanger. Also, note Tulloch’s black leather outfit, which would seem to indicate that although Juliette is finished with Eve, she may still be carrying some facet of the ruthless killing machine with her.

There’s a creepy baby involved

Move over, Chucky! Tulloch posted a photo of a spooky-looking baby doll from the set on the 4th. So, the episode likely involves a child, and apparently that baby is dressed in jeans and fleece.

It takes place late at night

On August 3, Tulloch posted a photo that has Renard (Sasha Roiz) on set in his pajamas. In the video at the bottom of this page, Russell Hornsby’s Hank appears to be similarly dressed in a tank top and casual night clothes.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for “Grimm” to set its action after dark — but these visual clues indicate that something has caught these characters unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Perhaps it’s that creepy denim-wearing baby?

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The ‘Grimm’ family is like a real one

Ready for your “Awww!” moment of the day? Check out Tulloch’s video of the cast and crew surprising Giuntoli with a cake on Wednesday, to celebrate all his hard work.

According to Bitsie, “Grimm” will return on October 28 — and doing some basic connecting of the dots, we’d pinpoint 603 to air on November 11. So mark your calendars now — and get ready to see what “Grimm” looks like with David Giuntoli on the other side of the lens.

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