The epic two-hour Season 5 finale of “Grimm” got right to work throwing dead bodies, plot twists and everything else at the viewer — at one point, there were Wesen monsters shooting machine guns! — but ultimately, the most memorable moment may have been a relatively quiet one.

Trapped in a tunnel and on the run near the conclusion of the episode, fan favorites Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) share a surprising exchange as she drops three words on him that change everything:

“Monroe, I’m pregnant.”

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But before we wade into that, there’s plenty else that the episode entitled “The Beginning of the End” gave fans to unpack. Like the fact that half the good guys — Meisner, Eve, even Nick — pretty much died. At least the last two were able to come back via the healing stick — and if you didn’t cheer out loud when Nick stood up behind the Wesen calling in to report that he was dead, you need to check your own pulse.

As the episode went along, it became clear that Bonaparte and Black Claw had much of Portland on their side. Wesen had infiltrated the police force, and were making their way into other positions of power as well. Most prominent, of course, is Renard — whose uneasy alliance with Bonaparte suddenly cast him as the mayor of the city, albeit one who can’t get Adalind to sleep in the same bed with him.

David Giuntoli on "Grimm" SOURCE: NBC

You also had Wu turning into his prehistoric self to take down some baddies, poor Hank as seemingly the only character left who can’t woge into something, and a creepy subplot involving Sean and Adalind’s daughter and some powerful voodoo dolls.

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If you have even a passing awareness of “Star Wars,” you had to see the final twist coming a mile away. Although Nick and Sean have had their differences, “Grimm” cleverly cast Darth Vader (Renard), Luke Skywalker (Nick) and The Emperor (Bonaparte) and let the scene play itself out. Now, it seems, there may be some sort of truce between Nick and Renard, as we head into Season 6 with a decimated Black Claw.

Kate Eischen on "Grimm" SOURCE: NBC

But enough about all that — chances are all you want to talk about right now is the little baby in Rosalee’s tummy, an optimistic end note to a season filled with blood, death and dismemberment.

“What did you just say?’ Monroe responds when Rosalee tells him that she’s preggers.

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Morose, she responds: “I’m sorry, this is not how I wanted to tell you.”

“Are you kidding me? This is the only thing I want to hear!” he responds, hugging her. Chances are, as you watched at home, you were thinking the same thing.

Silas Wier Mitchell and Bree Turner on "Grimm" SOURCE: NBC

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