silas weir mitchell 325 'Grimm's' Silas Weir Mitchell: 'They haven't built on the drugs, to be perfectly honest'

Zap2it: In the beginning of “Grimm,” there were references to drugs helping to control Monroe’s werewolf tendencies. What is going on with that?
Silas Weir Mitchell: They haven’t built on the drugs, to be perfectly honest. In the pilot it was diet, drugs and Pilates. I have my own ideas. There was nothing in the script. I certainly enjoy a nice glass of wine.
Zap2it: Can you talk a little about your Ivy League education, the degree from Brown and what you studied?
Silas Weir Mitchell: The comparative religion part of the B.A. is you take a bunch of comparative courses, and I wound up focusing more on East/West dialectic, Freudian versus Jungian, Freud being more Western, and mythology versus science.
Zap2it: Which philosophers did you read the most?
Silas Weir Mitchell: Kierkegaard and Sartre and Nietzsche were the guys I studied. I took a bunch of philosophy classes. Kierkegaard was right on the cusp of the religious-minded thinkers, considering individual will, the birth of existentialism, the transition of classical mentality to a more modern mentality. He asks the religious questions, which turn into the existential questions of who am I, where am I in the world.
Zap2it: This sounds fresh in your mind. Are you reading them now?
Silas Weir Mitchell: I am going back through a weird collegiate thing. There’s a lot of downtime on set, and I have days off. … When I am not reading, I am eating or exercising or going to movies, or I am working on the script. Let’s not forget that 90 percent of the work is done at home.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler