john c mcginley ground floor tbs newscom 325 'Ground Floor's' John C. McGinley: Skylar Astin 'is very similar to' Zach BraffZap2it: You have more of a raspy sound as your “Ground Floor” character, banking-firm chief Remington Mansfield. Was that intended from the start?

John McGinley: I heard Daniel Day-Lewis talking about this, with “Lincoln.” He said the first thing he wanted to find was the president’s voice, and I know what he meant.

The studio came to me during the pilot and said, “Do you need a voice doctor?” and I said, “No! This is the guy you’re going to get for, hopefully, 10 years.” And then they left me alone.

Zap2it: Do you enjoy having a bit more freedom with language on basic cable than you did during the broadcast run of “Scrubs?”

John McGinley: We were read this whole standards-and-practices thing, and I think the writers take liberties, but not at the risk of being crass. I have no interest in being associated with something that’s crass or rude.

Zap2it: How is working with your new series ensemble, compared to the previous one?

John McGinley: Skylar [Astin] is very similar to Zach (Braff) in some ways — they’re both incredibly skilled actors — and Briga [Heelan] reminds me somewhat of Sarah [Chalke], because they both have photographic memories. They look at the rewrites and know them 15 seconds later.

And Rory [Scovel] is kind of like Neil [Flynn], who played the janitor on “Scrubs,” because they both come from improv and stand-up. I haven’t told that to any of them, but those are high compliments.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin