We’re only three episodes into the first season of “Guilt,” and yet the mystery of who killed Molly (Rebekah Wainwright) is already more twisted and tangled than we could ever imagine.

Could the over-privileged James (Anthony Head) be behind the death of his step-daughter’s best friend? We already know Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy) has quite a few things to hide. Or maybe the blackmailing roommate Roz (Simona Brown) is the mastermind behind this whole thing?

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To clear it up, Zap2it spoke with Daisy Head, who plays lead suspect Grace Atwood, about whom we should trust, which characters we should keep our eye on moving forward and when the real killer will be revealed.

Zap2it: How suspicious should we be of Grace at this point?

Daisy Head: I think you’re entitled to be very suspicious. She is an incredibly ambiguous character, and she is harboring a lot of secrets. Some of which may or may not be relevant to this case, but that is for you to find out.

You should be suspicious of everyone, because what’s so great about this show is that everyone is guilty of something, and we all have guilt, and we all have hidden pasts which we don’t necessarily want to be put into the spotlight in any way. But ultimately, we can’t protect ourselves in that respect.

So yeah, be suspicious but also trust your perceptions. Then you can see whether you’re proved right or wrong. That’s what I think is so great about the show. At the end of the 10 episodes, you find out who did do it, and you’ll either be right or you’ll be wrong.

Grace turned public opinion in her favor, but will we see her continue to thrive in the spotlight or shy away from it?

Bits of both. I think she did what she knew she could do in order to make something good out of something really bad. She had no choice but to kind of deliver that little speech and say, “Look, I’ll hold my hands up to it. I’ve done this, and I’ve done that, but don’t judge me for it because you’ve all done things, I’m sure.”

Ultimately, I think it’s taken her by complete surprise, being thrust into the spotlight in this way. She’s really struggling on an emotional level. Obviously her best friend is dead. That night — she’s struggling to piece together information. There’s stuff that she knows and stuff that’s she’s unsure about. There’s elements of self-doubt, there’s a lot of self-doubt actually, but I obviously can’t give anything else away in that respect.

She had no choice but to put a good spin on it and gain some fans because people were really hating on her. As the season unfolds she doesn’t necessarily make the best decisions … Someone with a little less naivety, perhaps, would think twice before doing some of the things she does. But she’s young, and she’s dealing with a lot, and people don’t always react the way that we think they should.

What will Grace think of Natalie’s flirtation with Detective Bruno?

In the next episode, actually, there’s a scene between Natalie (Emily Tremaine) and Grace, and they actually reference it. I don’t think Grace judges Natalie at all for it. I think as far as Grace is concerned, it’s not going to have a negative effect on anything. I don’t think it carries a lot of weight for her.

What about Grace and Luc? Will they continue to weather the storm or will it get dicey for them?

Obviously there’s a lot at stake, and like any relationship there are ups and downs. Their relationship is definitely put to the test, so you can expect a lot more from them. It’s a really interesting ride, and it was so great to be able to play it on camera, but also so great to watch it unfold. There’s betrayal and then there’s outbursts of love. Yeah, there’s more to come.

Grace and James have a great dynamic, but do you think she’s going to start to suspect him the longer this goes on?

That’s a great question. Yeah, I think so. It’s one of those things where she doesn’t want to think bad of him, but obviously it’s quite difficult to the more she learns and understands. The more evidence that comes to light, you really do start to think — and Grace starts to think — who can I trust?

It is really difficult, and that’s another relationship that’s put to the test given the circumstance of what’s happening. It’s an interesting journey to follow, and I can’t wait for you guys to see the comeuppance of it all.

“Guilt” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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