Six years after Spike's Guys Choice Awards inducted "Goodfellas" into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame. On Thursday (June 9), Zac Efron presented Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci the same recognition for "Casino." After showing clips from the iconic movie, both De Niro and Pesci took the stage.

The two being seen together in the same room -- and on camera, no less -- is already something worth celebrating as Pesci has done his best to stay out of the public eye for some time. In his speech, De Niro even says he came down for the event just so he can hang out with his on-screen sidekick. Acknowledging "Casino's" impact on film, De Niro did his best to explain the differences between that Scorsese flick and "Goodfellas."

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"One of them is a stark, hard look at the sometimes glamorous, but ultimately cruel world of the mob," De Niro says, "with me as a smart player and Joe as a scary psychopath who gets whacked. The other is ..." Pesci, always good with timing, chimes in: "The same."

Pointing out that "Casino" was the last time Pesci teamed up with him in a Martin Scorsese picture, De Niro teased the audience -- as well as Pesci -- by saying there's a project in the works that will hopefully get the whole band back together. "Marty and I are planning to get back together for a movie that I think will be a future Guy Movie Hall of Fame entry. That's if Joe has any more 'fucks' left in him."

If ever there was a call to arms, that would be it.


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